River Can

This catchment consists of the River Can, Chignall Brook and Roxwell Brook. The Can is 23km long and is the main river within the catchment. Chignall Brook (23km in length) and Roxwell Brook (5.4km in length) flow into the Can.


This map shows the current projects; potential, in progress and completed, for the River Can.

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The Roxwell Brook is a right-bank tributary of the River Can draining a catchment area of approximately 36.6 km2, including the Newland Brook catchment. During June 2016 the village of Roxwell suffered severe flash flooding and 8 properties were directly affected by flood water. The Roxwell Brook Natural Flood Management Project was initiated to investigate the potential for reducing the future risk of such flooding.

Pesti-wise is an initiative from Essex & Suffolk Water aiming to improve river water quality together.

Water is at the heart of all of our lives. Protecting water in streams and rivers is vital for our future.

Admirals Park is a large park towards the west of Chelmsford. Key features of the site include River Can which runs through the site towards its confluence with the River Chelmer, along with a number of historical relics including brickworks and old mills.

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