River Can

The Roxwell Brook is a right-bank tributary of the River Can draining a catchment area of approximately 36.6 km2, including the Newland Brook catchment. During June 2016 the village of Roxwell suffered severe flash flooding and 8 properties were directly affected by flood water. The Roxwell Brook Natural Flood Management Project was initiated to investigate the potential for reducing the future risk of such flooding.

 Flooding Roxwell 2016 Dan boyle 4M

Flooding in Roxwell village c/o Dan Boyle.

The construction of a number of natural flood management interventions upstream of the village is intended to slow the flow and intercept water, in particular during storm downpours across the catchment.

Roxwell Brook Leaky Dam installation April 2019 Darren Tansley 14

 Construction of leaky dams, Roxwell Brook.

Phase one involves the installation of 10 woody debris log jams – 5 along Roxwell Brook and another 5 in Newland Brook. Phase two requires the design and building of more substantial off-channel water interception to allow temporary storage of water away from the main channel during peak flows. The aim is to reduce peak water levels and slow the arrival of water at pinch points such as road bridges in the main village downstream.

Roxwell Brook Leaky Dam installation April 2019 Darren Tansley 22

 Completed leaky dam, Roxwell Brook.

The work is being delivered by the Essex Wildlife Trust working with a variety of riparian landowners and the local resident’s Roxwell Flood Prevention Group. Funding and support from the Environment Agency is a key driver for this project which is due to be completed by 2020.



River Can

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Natural Flood Management

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Essex Wildlife Trust

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Environment Agency, Roxwell Flood Prevention Group

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Environment Agency

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