River Chelmer

This fen is under threat of drying out, and there is significant encroachment of scrub over the floodplain. This project aims to address these problems by clearing the scrub and rewetting the site.

As part of this project the scrub that is currently taking over the site will be removed, and the network of ditches on site will be restored, increasing the amount of water that is held in the area following heavy rainfall. This will reduce flood risk and sedimentation of the water course and improve water quality, as well as buffering the effects of extreme weather events. The restored fenland will also create new habitat for wildlife along this stretch of river.

Project outcomes:

  • 2 hectares of fen restored
  • 500m of ditches restored



River Chelmer

WFD water body status


Project type

Wetland enhancement

Benefiting species and/or habitats

Fen and wetland habitat

Project lead

Essex Wildlife Trust / Essex Biodiversity Project

Contact for more information

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Project partners

Environment Agency

Funding source

Catchment Restoration Fund

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Project end


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