River Colne

Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre received funding from the Environment Agency in late 2017 to digitise river corridor survey data for the River Colne and a number of tributaries along the catchment.

This data was originally collected in the 1990s by the National Rivers Authority, and was rediscovered in summer 2017 when the Records Centre received over 20 boxes of paper records from Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service. Among that data was a box of hand-drawn maps, together with notable plant and bird data for the River Colne, Roman River and the following tributaries:

Salary Brook
Toppesfield Brook
Bourne Brook
Pebmarsh Brook
Swan Street Brook
Brook Street Farm Brook
Hepworth Hall Brook
Colne Park Ditch
Pecks Colne Ditch
Broomhouse Brook
St Botolphs Brook
Sheepen Ditch
Tyburn Hall Ditch
Wivenhoe Park Ditch
Birch Brook
Hythe Marsh Drain

The data was scanned and the individual records digitised to create a dataset of over 4,000 records, which have been uploaded to the NBN Atlas. This dataset is a great addition to the previously uploaded datasets on the Rivers Pant; Blackwater; Finchingfield Brook, and Essex Coastal Surveys that the Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre has previously digitised.

The datasets can be found on the NBN Atlas here.

Example River Colne map


River Colne

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Good Ecological Status by 2027

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Data digitisation

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Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre

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Environment Agency

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