River Crouch

This catchment consists of the river Crouch and Rettendon Brook, which flows into the Crouch Estuary. The total length of the Crouch is 15km and is split into three sections; upper Crouch, Crays Hill to Wickford and downstream of Wickford. The length of Rettendon Brook is 5km.

This map shows the current projects; potential, in progress and completed, for the River Crouch.

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The River Crouch flows through Wickford Memorial Park which is a popular open space for local people within the urban area. The river itself has little in-channel variation resulting in relatively steep banks with almost uniform width and a straight channel.

Large areas of the banks in this area are left completely bare over winter as they are dominated by Himalayan Balsam in the spring and summer. This plant dies back to nothing after the first frost then returns to the banks in spring.

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