River Wid

The Wid is the main water body in this catchment. The Wid has a total length of 30km and is split into 5 sections, which are Blackmore to Mountnessing, Mountnessing to Havering's Grove Brook, Havering's Grove Brook to Ingatestone, Ingatestone to Margaretting and Margaretting to River Can. There are two tributaries to the Wid and they are Chainbridge Tributary (6km long) and Havering's Grove Brook (6km long). Chainbridge Brook enters the Wid in the Blackmore, Mountnessing, Havering's Grove Brook area and Havering's Grove Brook itself enters the section marked as Mountnessing to Havering's Grove Brook.

This map shows the current projects; potential, in progress and completed, for the River Wid.

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In 2012 the Environment Agency carried out work on the River Wid downstream of Buttsbury Ford. The Operations team incorporated woody debris, flow deflectors and the use of willow harvested on site as bank protection.  

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