Rivers Blackwater and Pant

This section has a mill race which is connected to the main channel via a weir. The weir affects the natural flow of the water, holding it back to fill the mill race.

The weir is preventing natural habitats from forming by changing the river flow and also acting as a barrier to fish attempting to migrate upstream.

The mill race also has a problem with algae blooms, this could be reduced by increasing the flow through the mill race and increasing shading by planting more trees.


Rivers Blackwater and Pant

WFD water body status


WFD overall status objective

To achieve Good ecological status by 2027

Project type

Reducing barriers

Benefiting species and/or habitats

Reducing the impact of the weir will create a more natural habitat within the mill race and may help to reduce algae blooms. Reducing the weir will also allow species to migrate up and downstream. Tree planting to shade the channel will reduce algae growth and increase oxygen levels in the water during hot weather.

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