Riverfly monitoring involves entering the river and carrying out a kick sample and recording the abundance of 8 groups of aquatic invertebrates. In order to do this you must be a fully trained monitor and been designated a monitoring kit. If you are not trained and would like to be then please look out for an invitation to our next monitoring event which we ususally run several times a year, depending on demand.

If you are already trained and would like to start monitoring then please email us to request a 'Riverfly Monitoring Site Templete'. Once we receive the form back with all the necessary information about the site we can then determine if it is suitable, not already being surveyed and get it approved by the Environment Agency. Once this is done we will supply you with a kit and you can begin surveying on a monthly basis.

Below is information that will help with completing Riverfly Monitoring, which will be supplied to all those attending a training course.

Invertebrate Identification

Large Aquatic Invertebrate Information Sheet

Generic Risk Assessment

Riverfly Risk Assessment

Recording Sheet

Leptospitosis Information

Lyme Disease Information

Clean, Check, Dry Information

Riverfly Partnership Newsletter – Winter 2014/2015

Riverfly Partnership NewsletterSummer 2015

Riverfly Partnership NewsletterWinter 2015/2016

Riverfly Partnership NewsletterVolume 4, Issue 2, 2017

Notes for Riverfly Monitors

Riverfly Partnership Presentation – How to submit a record

Riverfly Partnership Presentation – Ways to view data 


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