Essex Rivers Hub

Essex Wildlife Trust has been involved in the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) for nearly five years and has hosted the Combined Essex catchment since 2013.

The Essex Rivers Hub (the Combined Essex Catchment Partnership) has been selected as one of six catchment partnerships to be examined and one of two partnerships to be interviewed and questioned in detail. This selection was made because ERH has been identified as being very successful in the range of activities and the strength of the partnership and our commitment to the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA - the umbrella under which the Water Framework Directive and related activities are being progressed by the EA and Defra).

One important question that came up during the examination of the catchment partnership was ‘How valuable has it been to Essex Wildlife Trust as hosts?’  After looking closely at this question, it is clear that this whole process has been extremely valuable to EWT as it has helped to raise its profile as well as retain funding to cover project management, staff time (includes funding for one full time EWT staff post and one part time EWT staff post), mileage and use of EWT resources and purchase of equipment etc. Without the CaBA, we would not be able to run many volunteer projects and would therefore reduce the number of individuals engaged with the Trust.

Mark Iley

Biodiversity Coordinator

20th May 2015


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