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Woody debris has been installed into the river in Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park in 6 locations. The wood
has been installed to create additional in-channel habitats within Nobles Green Ditch. Some bankside management was also undertaken to remove overhanging vegetation, this will reduce shading and allow more in-channel vegetation to develop.

Woodydebris 2Woodydebris 3Woodydebris 4

The process of installing the woody debris. 

The woody debris was secured into the bank and wooden pegs were also secured into the river bed to prevent it being washed downstream during fast flows. The pictures above show how they look within the channel.

The wood will change the flow dynamics within the channel, speeding up the flow as the water is diverted around the obstacle and depositing any silt behind the obstacle. The fast flows will increase oxygen levels in the water and help to expose any covered gravels and also clean any that are already exposed. Gravels and fast flowing water are great fish spawning sites and also ideal habitat for many in-channel invertebrates. The change in flow dynamics will also help small pools to develop; this again is great habitat for some aquatic species so the biodiversity potential is increased within the channel.

 Woodydebris 5

The finished article, all photos by Samantha Dyer.

This diagram below demonstrated what affect woody debris has.

Woodydebris 6

This project was possible thanks to funding from Essex and Suffolk Water's Branch Out fund, local volunteers who helped us with the ground works and support from various people within the Environment Agency so we would like to thank them all for their support.

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