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The original channel of the River Brain lay abandoned and unconnected from its waters for centuries.

Now thanks to a project carried out in 2012 by Essex Wildlife Trust and Witham Town Council the river is being restored to its former glory.

Excavations have removed the silted river bed and opened up the old channel, so that the river no longer flows solely through the artificially straightened 'Mill Race'.

The rejuvenated old channel winds its way across the site through several bends, called meanders. This natural channel shape helps to slow the flow of water and reduces the likelihood of flooding by holding water back.

Naturally flowing rivers like this provide a variety of habitats such as shallow riffles, shingle bars and deep pools. These new habitats will benefit many species, including Kingfisher, Otter, aquatic insects such as Willow Emerald Damselfly, fish, flowers, including Southern Marsh Orchid, and a protected Water Vole colony.

This area is already recognised for its importance to wildlife and is designated a Local Wildlife Site.

Thanks to this new lease of life, the historic waterway is becoming even better for wildlife, improving the health of the whole river in the process and creating an even more attractive spot for all to enjoy.



River Brain

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River corridor restoration

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Essex Wildlife Trust

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Witham Town Council

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Witham Town Council

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