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This stretch of river is predominantly grazed along the banks, with most of the surrounding land given over to horse paddocks. This project will aim to reduce nutrient runoff from the surrounding grazing land by installing buffer strips along the paddocks adjacent to the river channel.

 Buffer strips of longer grass in between the closely cropped grazing land and the river, and the planting of hedgerows along paddock margins will slow the flow of water off of the grazing land in heavy rain and filter nutrients going in to the river, thereby reducing the impact of the surrounding area on the water quality of the river.

The outcome of this project will be to create 700m of buffer strips along the river corridor and to plant 500m of hedgerows.

For further information about this project, or if you would like to be involved please contact Essex Wildlife Trust.


River Chelmer

WFD water body status


Project type

Habitat creation

Project lead

Essex Wildlife Trust/Essex Biodiversity Project

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