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An outlet below Squadrons Approach is allowing polluted water to enter the channel and consequently the grazing marsh.

Firstly the pollution source should be investigated and the source(s) identified and stopped, however as the cause is most likely to be misconnections from the nearby urban area the likelihood of reoccurrence is high therefore a more long term strategy is needed.

In order to improve the water quality entering the channel we will be expanding the existing pond next to the outfall to encompass the ditch and some of the bank on the opposite side. This pond will be the area where the outfall will flow into first and where most of the clean up will take place. Therefore this pond will be planted up with reed which will filter the water and remove a lot of the pollutants and also allow sediment to drop out. We will also create a raised area or weir between the pond and the remaining ditch so that water will stay within the pond except when water levels are high. This will allow the water to remain within the pond for a long period and be filtered by the reed bed. Further down the channel we will also widen two areas to create small ponds which will also have reed planted. This will create two additional opportunities for filtering and cleaning of the water to take place. Once the water eventually flows into the Ingrebourne the water quality should be much improved.

We also plan to manage the area around the ponds by removing some trees and scrub. This will help reduce the leaf litter that will accumulate within the ponds, reducing the management they need and ensuring the filtering process within the ponds is more effective.


River Ingrebourne

WFD water body status


WFD overall status objective

To achieve good ecological status by 2027

Project type

Water quality, habitat creation

Benefiting species and/or habitats

Improved water quality in the local area, especially in the SSSI area. Creation of reed beds will have some benefit for some species.

Project lead

Essex Wildflife Trust

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Project partners

Roding, Beam and Ingrebourne Catchment Partnership

Funding source

Catchment Partnerhsip Action Fund

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