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The area below Hornchurch stadium is concrete reinforced and has a weir situated downstream which makes this area of the river very poor ecologically. To improve this an additional channel could be constructed on the land south of the Hornchurch stadium  between the river and the playing fields.

Currently this land is occupied by course plants and poor quality woodland which could be replaced by a channel surrounded by wetland features such as ponds and reed beds and rejoin the main channel below the weir. This will also mean the newly created channel could act as a fish pass to allow fish to migrate upstream past the barrier the weir creates.

Reed bed creation near to the outlet entering the channel from Southview Drive would help to reduce pollution from misconnections in this area.


River Ingrebourne

WFD water body status


WFD overall status objective

To achieve good ecological status by 2027

Project type

Habitat createion, reducing barriers

Benefiting species and/or habitats

Creation of a back channel near to the reinforced channel would create habitat for many species and help fish populations by creating an area to by pass the weir.

Funding source

None at present

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