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This site requires four different projects which include:

-Diversifying the grassland

-Improving 2.5 hectares of grassland

-Addressing the drink accImproving 2.5 hectares of grasslandess for cattle

-Installing 400m of fencing

Diversifying the grassland at this site will include the introduction of proper management techniques to ensure that a higher diversity of species can survive, other techniques may include the introduction of wildflowers by the use of wildflower seed. The 2.5 hectares of grassland can also be improved by doing this and ensuring the species present are all beneficial to the habitat.

This site is unfortunately eroded due to trampling by cattle for water access. This needs to be addressed and may be done so by talking to landowners to allow the introduction of some sort of artificial water source which will not impact the river. Once this is organsied then 400m of fencing can be introduces to prevent cattle access to the river and therefore leave the river bank more pristine.

 Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this project idea.



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Essex Wildlife Trust

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