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This area of the brook/estuary is behind a retail park/industrial estate. Within the channel itself there are a number of shopping trolleys and food wrappings, possibly related to the retail area nearby. There is also a outflow pipe that is depositing very smelly water into the channel, with suspected sewage fungus present.


This area would benefit from regular clearing of trolleys and rubbish, this could be an opportunity to engage the local businesses to become involved in helping to clean up the channel and possibly help them to understand the potential impact they could be having on water quality, etc. and what they can do to reduce this.

Th outflow has been reported to the Environment Agency for investigation to help solve any pollution problems. If this problem is still present then please report it to the Environment Agency incident line: 0800 80 70 60.


River Roach Catchment

WFD water body status


WFD overall status objective

To achieve Good Ecological status by 2027

Project type

contamination reduction

Benefiting species and/or habitats

Reducing rubbish within the channel will improve the existing habitat and prevent impacts on wildlife. Rectifying the polluted outflow will help to improve water quality.

Total area covered by project

Near Purdeys Industrial Estate

Total area surveyed

Whole of the Prittle Brook

Contact for more information

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Funding source

None at present

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