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Toppesfield Brook Pressures

The table below shows the current pressures that this waterbody faces and the solutions that could be put in place to solve these problems. You can learn more about some of these pressures and solutions on the Environment Agency Catchment Data Explorer or you can contact us to find out more.



Barriers are impacting on fish levels resulting in a classificationof moderate for this water body.

Investigate if barriers can be adapted to reduce their impact.

Dissolved oxygen levels are classified as bad and they are at their lowest in late summer and early autumn. There are many factors causing this but one factor is point source pollution from sewage discharges.
Phosphate is classified as moderate in this water body and there are both point and diffuse pollution sources causing this. The point sources are sewage treatment works.

 Monitor sewage discharges to ensure they are not exceeding their limits and are all licenced.

Phosphate levels are classified as moderate within this water body so some improvement is needed. The main cause for diffuse pollution is agricultural input.

Give advice to farmers on how to reduce phosphate entering the water body through changes in farm practices.


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