River Crouch

Upper River Crouch Pressures

The table below shows the current pressures that this waterbody faces and the solutions that could be put in place to solve these problems. You can learn more about some of these pressures and solutions on the Environment Agency Catchment Data Explorer or you can contact us to find out more.



    Diffuse pollution




    Physical modification


    Fish passage


    Invasive species


    Point source



There are multiple point sources of pollution along this waterbody which contribute to it having problems with phosphate, dissolved oxygen and ammonia. These issues come from trade discharges and misconnections. There are also known consented overflows on the sewerage network.

In order to prevent further problems with point source pollutants, landowners and business owners need to be engaged.

Water discharge permits should be re-visited to ensure that they are suitable.

Further data should be collected in order to confirm sources.

Education in order to raise awareness for better sewer and drainage programmes.

Run off from agricultural land and urban areas have contributed to this waterbody having problems with phosphate, dissolved oxygen and ammonia.

Engage landowners to encourage best practises for use of phosphates.

Increase riparian buffer strips to encourage nutrients to settle out before entering the river.

Investigate the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in urban areas.

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